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Our surveys rock...

In a recent survey performed on 1000 people, 98% of them felt our surveys are above average compared with others in the market, giving them an average ranking of 9/10.
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... and our respondents think so too

"Good survey, I've done a lot of online surveys about various things and this is one of the best (easiest, relevant questions, fun to do) so far."

"One of the best presented surveys I have seen."

"This was a good survey to do. Simple and straight forward, not with billions of questions that are all the same! Well done."

"It was fun, easy to answer and not time consuming."

"Much more interesting than most market research."

"Nice concise survey. Asked what you wanted to know and didn't beat about the bush with seemingly irrelevant questions."

"This was very clear and easy to understand. A pleasure to complete."

"Nice and easy, clear, much nicer to do than the majority."

"I really enjoyed taking part! It was fun!"

"I liked the drag and drop questions, is much better than most of the other questionnaires!"

"Excellent clear questions"

"Well constructed and fun."

"This is a great survey! Fantastic design!"

What we do

At Prism we have a history of developing innovative research products to create better consumer insight. These have included IAT tests, sequential mini depth interviewing, the application of neuroscience to research and pushing the boundaries of online research.

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Our international reach

Prism has experience of working around the world; we have run surveys in multiple languages and multi-national qualitative projects, co-ordinating a network of local partner agencies. Recent projects include work in 26 countries for Diageo on the web and focus groups on four continents for Sony Ericsson.

Implicit testing on an international platfrom

Together with Cog Research, we have helped pioneer implicit research tests. We believe that these tests, with their focus on unconscious attitudes and feelings, have great potential for offering insights across markets. While the rational take-out from communications is often influenced by context, the emotional take-out will be be the real test of whether a strategy can work across markets.

We are a founder member of IQ Research, an international network of independent agencies that currently covers 30 countries. We frequently share our work and wisdom with our partners, learning more than we teach when we work internationally.